​​Colección de Microorganismos Edáficos y Endófitos Nativos offers the following services with a certain economic remuneration depending on the requested task.

For any service request please complete this format and sent it through e-mail with the applicant's signature.

COLMENA offers the next list of services

  • Isolation of microbial communities from different ecosystems and matrix, such as: soil, plants, water, and others.
  • Preservación of microorganisms
  • Metabolic characterization of plant growth promoting microorganisms, biological control agents, and nutrient cycling microorganisms. The  characterization involves the the siderophore biosynthesis, indole production, lytic enzymes production, phosphate solubilization, hemolysis,  microorganisms tolerant to several stress conditions, among others.
  •  Molecular characterization of microorganisms, using the amplification of ribosomal genes 16S rRNA and 5.8S rRNA.
  • Analysis of gene expression by real time RT-PCR
  •  Sales and/or exchange of microbial strains of interest.
  • Sale of DNA / RNA smaples.


Training courses, such as:

-       Isolation and culture of microorganisms

-       Identification of microorganisms using classic, metabolic and molecular techniques.

-     Molecular techniques used in the study of microbial communities and their interaction with ecosystems.